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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are used to fill, plump and smooth skin; replacing lost volume and augment target areas. They are also used to create subtle enhancements and beautification, helping you to make the most of your natural features.

Cosmetic Medicine Application

What are Dermal Fillers?

As we age our face gradually loses natural volume, this is due to the loss of collagen in our skin and the loss of underlying fat layers. This can result in a sinking or sagging appearance, fine lines, wrinkles, folds and thin lips.

Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced by the skin to enhance collagen production. This can be injected under the skin or deeper to instantly lift and smooth sagging, folds and lines, or to enhance or reshape specific areas such as the lips.

Key Areas for Treatment:

  • Nasolabial Folds - the line running from the nose down to the mouth

  • Tear Troughs - hollowing under the eye at the top of the cheek

  • Marionette Lines - the straight fold that can develop from the corners of the mouth down either side of the chin

  • Prejowl Sulcus Area - the soft indentation that develops beside the chin before noticeable jowls occur

  • Lip Volume Replacement or Augmentation

  • 'Smokers Lines' - common name for the fine lines around the mouth

How Does It Work?

Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found throughout the body. The Dermal filler treatment involves the injection of a small amount of hyaluronic acid directly under the skin or deeper. This then attracts and retains water, giving a volumizing effect.

The effects of dermal filler injections are seen immediately and last 6 - 12 months.

Dermal fillers are very commonly paired with other injection treatments e.g. anti-wrinkle injections. The two treatments work in tandem; while hyaluronic acid fillers are used to replace lost facial volume and counteract skin laxity, the anti-wrinkle injections work to smooth and inhibit the deepening on lines. This results in a combination of smoother-looking skin and well-contoured features.

A woman getting filler injection

What to expect:

  • An initial consultation is designed for you to meet one of our practitioners, to discuss your interests or concerns and schedule a treatment plan.

  • Fully redeemable consultation fee.

  • Some treatments are available on the same day as your consultation **

* All our new patients are required to book an initial consultation with us which is fully redeemable against any treatment.

** There are some treatments we may be able to carry out on the same day as your consultation. These include Microneedling, Dermaplaning and Dermal Fillers.

Appointment Time

Dermal Filler appointment length depends on where the treatment is being administered.

Your practitioner will carefully discuss the look you want to achieve before any treatments are suggested or administered. Typically, a dermal filler appointment will last around 30 minutes.


Although you may experience some localised swelling and bruising after treatment, there is no need to delay many of your ordinary activities after having fillers.

Activities causing a rush of blood to the face, such as exercising or using saunas, should be avoided immediately after treatment.

Refresh Time

As hyaluronic acid is gradually broken down by a naturally occurring enzyme in your body, the time taken for the effects to wear off varies depending on the individual.

Most fillers last for between 6 - 18 months, after which you'll want to book a refresh. 


Costs for Dermal Filler Treatments vary widely depending on where you choose to treat and the amount of filler used.
Depending on your age and the area, a very small amount of filler may be sufficient - whereas other areas require more product.
Typically, you can expect filler treatments to start at £150 per mL.

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