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Dr. Heather Damian
PhD. MSc. BSc. RMT. Aesthetic Practitioner.

Heather has a strong background in health and science through her extensive studies where she specialized in medicinal chemistry. She focused largely on oncology and oxidative diseases such as pre-eclampsia before gaining an interest in general healthcare. 

Despite her keen interest in physiology and medicinal chemistry Heather slowly started to migrate towards healthcare in general; starting with diet and exercise and rehab work which led to her qualification as a sports massage therapist. 

After graduating Heather has worked for several pharmaceutical companies as a multilingual medical information specialist and advisor to health care professionals. She has extensive knowledge in medication and therapy areas including immunology, oncology, cardiology and haematology. Additionally, she was growing her interest in sports massage and looking at different techniques and areas such as deep tissue facials. Here she realized a cross-over to cosmetics as not only did facial massage alleviate pain from conditions such as migraine and TMJ; it also reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. This piqued her interest in aesthetics and combined her interest in medicinal approaches. 

Heather has a special interest in injectables and medical dermatology and is looking to further expand her knowledge within aesthetics. 



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